The Clear Your Sh*t Readathon – Week One

So, I try to be a good writer in most of my posts but I am treating this like a twitter thread. Bear with me. I’m just going to be putting my TBR, updates on my reading, and hopefully a wrap up at the end of the week here. I’ll tweet whenever a big update happens so you can check back here.

If you do not know, the Clear Your Sh*t readathon is a 8 week long readathon running from November through the end of the year. It was created by Andee from Mouse Reads, and it is cohosted by El/Art from Ink and Plasma. It is quest based and focused on getting through your owned TBR. I actually had a video planned to go over my plans for the readathon but it failed because I am having some issues with audio currently. It’s fun.


An important amendment to the the character card is that– It’s actually checks book out from the library instead of therapy. I have 30 checked out at the moment. It’s fine. This is fine.

If the readathon happens next year the plan is to create a character for it but ! Alas I am boring and uncreative this year.


Quest One: Your Journey Begins

cover art: Alice Hameau, cover designer: Mary Austin Speaker

You were ransacked on your first night. They stole all your books, except the one you kept hidden in your pocket. READ YOUR SHORTEST BOOK.

the narrator

For this, I am reading What I Knew by Eleni Sikelianos. It’s a sapphic collection of poetry that is inspired by our lord and savior Sappho’s poetry. I don’t know much about it beyond that because that was enough for me to want to read it. It’s 79 pages and is just barely my shortest book.

Quest Two: You Need Supplies, Duh

cover artists: Grace Lee, cover designer: Sarah Creech

Time to sell your belongings and get some healing potions and food. What’s been sitting in your bag the longest? (It’s probably rotten now anyway) READ THE BOOK THAT’S BEEN ON YOUR TBR THE LONGEST.

the narrator

I have some options for this one. Mostly because I cannot remember what is the book I have owned the longest. If I hadn’t read the Kane Chronicles earlier this year, it would’ve been those books. But I did so I have no clue. I’ve narrowed to down to books I got in 2018. Of those books I have settled on It’s Not Like It’s a Secret by Misa Sugiura.

This is a 2017 YA contemporary that follows an Asian American lesbian who moves to California and, while dealing with family struggles, ends falling for one of her classmates.

Quest Three: You Can’t Go Alone

cover art & design: Steger Productions Design

I mean, I guess you could. Weirdo. Find your new family, err, your crew, for the adventure. Choose wisely. READ A BOOK ABOUT FOUND FAMILY/A HEIST/A GROUP OF PEOPLE

the narrator

Again, I have so many options for this one. In fact, the book I mention below does fit this prompt. But since I want to finish these books before the end of the week, I am going with Livingston Girls by Briana Morgan. This is a self-published book, and it follows a young woman who goes to a boarding school only to find out its a magic school and be welcomed into a coven by the headmistress. But the other witches don’t seem to care much for which she learns is because she is replacing another member, one who died.

Maybe This Is Cheating

cover designer: Peter Mendelsund

One of the later prompts for the readathon is to read the longest books I own. Now, I am sure that not everyone’s longest book is, to quote Dave Malloy, “a complicated Russian novel” but mine is. It’s, course, War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy for those of you who do not have “Prologue” from Natasha, Pierre, and the Great Comet of 1812 constantly playing in their head. So yeah, I am starting War and Peace now and not even the narrator can stop me!

I have no idea how to tell you what War and Peace is about. It’s just Russian aristocrats doing Russian aristocrats things and sometimes becoming prisoners of war.


What I Knew by Eleni Sikelianos – DNF

I got 20 pages in before I realized the poetic style wasn’t going to click with me. It’s a long poem and not a collection of poems like I thought. Long poetry is not for me, I don’t think. It felt, to me, like nothing more than rambling on and on.

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