Rereading, or Why I Come Back to Certain Books why do I reread books by mynameismarines (10/9/20) Mynameismarines talks about rereading books a lot on her channel. Her most recent video on the subject came out early October, and it is what inspired me to start interrogating my (re)reading habits more in depth. I highly suggest checking it out if stuff like this… Continue reading Rereading, or Why I Come Back to Certain Books


Reading Thrillers, a Reflection

When I first got back into reading I made a few rules for myself. It was the summer of 2018, and the book that got me back into reading (there had been a couple of books I read for fun over that time period. Two, I think: We Are Okay by Nina Lacour and Aristotle… Continue reading Reading Thrillers, a Reflection